w – Permission…

Sexy Angel

“How can I love you if you won’t lie down?” ~Mullah Nass’r Udin

…to enter my womb is
the Spirit of Truth
in the form of an African Man
with five eyes…

His inner chi emerges from nothing
begins and ends with meaningfilled interplay
between what is within and without his surroundings
it moves like the wind, feels like water, explodes like a dying star
its aroma is sweet
breath – gentle, kind
it is disciplined and patient
it dances around, over and through
my natural walls of resistance
it is genius
it is divine
and when it penetrates, it blows my mind
into a sextillion different pieces of me

He is a Chief in darkness
wears a body like a black beryl
tumbled stone, cool to touch my heated skin
…is dressed in a black robe
with a belt of fine gold
his love hanging just beneath the hem
seducing and inviting me in

His face is the appearance of lightning,
arms and legs, gleams of burnished bronze,
balanced and strong…they hold me up when I weaken
into states of ecstasy
the sound of his words is the sound of a multitude of drums
whose vibrations tickle my belly and open me for deeper pleasures

His sight makes up five unique gifts from the Gods
two facial eyes, flaming torches that burn
for me
two more on each side of his heart
covered by two wings
…that, when spread eagle
delivers a breath taking exchange
of dreams and visions
for tomorrow

And there is one eye in the center of his lower back
colored like blood-red garnet rock

one gaze and all of our spirits lock

makin’ my legs tremble
when we fock

©Copyright 2013 by InnaRae

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