f – Killing Demons III

Healer, Do-Gooder, Lover, Spirit Woman…
have you overstayed your time with them who won’t make peace?

If we had no faults of our own, we would not take so much pleasure in noticing those of others. ~Francois duc de la Rochefoucauld

When you become aware of this habit; STOP. Find a safe place filled with safe people to retire and rest. Be present. Don’t reach out toward ‘deficiency’ to feel that inner satisfaction. Find out what wallows in the blood of your Sacred Heart…the Sacred Truth as you see it. Pay close attention to your dreams.

No ONE can kill your demons for you. You must go in and face them. Travel through your own ‘hell’. You must cry your own tears, release your own fears, realize your own needs, sort out your own confusions. 
Re-consider, change, and actualize your own gift of ‘free’ thinking.
Despite what many believe, this will bring you closer to the condition of those around you than maintaining a ‘false individualistic persona’ that only masks
internal death and damnation.

Ask yourself, “have I taken the road of “addiction to affliction” in order to attain a sense of self-worth?” Know that there is nothing admirable about choosing agony…becoming bedfellows with oppression, seeking out opportunities to struggle. Though longsuffering can be practiced with grace, it is not in the divine plan for you to spend a lifetime in this space.
Your spirit deserves so much better.

Afterwards, your mind will be calm. You will know again.
You will trust again.
You will heal again.
You will do what Spirit bids.

You will be your own Temple Priestess.

©Copyright 2011 by InnaRae

1 thought on “f – Killing Demons III”

  1. Al baaith al jihad said:

    peace be with you my beautiful sister,”seeking out opportunities to struggle. Though longsuffering can be practiced with grace” I love that phrase of your’s I hope you do not mind if I use it

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