l – Sexual Situation III


The willingness to share does not make one charitable; it makes one free. ~Robert Brault

Far from the flimsy framed locals who frequented the space, this warrior’s ample physical presence marched into my boudoir wearied and sullen.

Instantly, I felt her pain and recognized her need for touch, a sister’s love, a moment of support. No talking. I offered her a hug. She received it and together we cried.

Matching the feminine between us, I sensed the rise of masculine essence as I brushed her hair…and kissed her cheeks.  We fed each other berries and drank juice from the coconut.

Her spirit craved water, so I ran a bath. Sinking down into the steam, she breathed in its magic.  I laid hands on her back when her muscles opened up…and slowly rubbed out her tension. She favored when I smeared soapy hands across her shoulders…sighed when hot water poured over her head.

I escorted her to my bed… placed a blanket over her body to seal in its warmth. She selected a small “delight” from my collection. I cleaned while absorbing the sounds of ‘she’ becoming her pleasure… thoroughly enjoying her satisfaction.  After her final climax, she fell into a deep sleep.

Wasn’t much time left before she returned to the field.  I went off to prepare a meal. It nourished her for the next journey.

I am a Temple Priestess

©Copyright 2012 by InnaRae

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