g – Primal Pleasure I

I have come into this world many, many times.
I will continue to do so.
Some sweet releases leave me breathless, full and satisfied…
counting the moments ‘til I can do it all over again and again and again.

Other openings are very much like my birth orgasm –
when I entered covered in juices,
crying out for love and knowledge of self.
Here is where I morph and  transform for the better.

And for each life changing moment, I am grateful
for those blessed souls who dared to uncover
and meet me in my finest, most vulnerable hour.

I am a Temple Priestess.



©Copyright 2011 by InnaRae


2 thoughts on “g – Primal Pleasure I”

  1. I think d african woman ve a wrong notion when their’s an issue of sex & beliefs. They re made to believe that its only men that shud xpress their sexual feelings that’s d reason i doubt the credibility of those who propagate these ideologies.

  2. Al baaith al jihad said:

    blessings both physical and spiritual all rolled up in 1 big bang……. I love your poetry my beautiful sister

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