z – End: Last Page

There is no art in turning a goddess into a witch, a virgin into a whore. But the opposite operation – to give dignity to what has been scorned, to make the degraded desirable – that calls for art…that calls for character. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Sankofa…moving forward…and looking back…

Having dived into the
blood of my ancestors
and damn near drowned…

To opening my eyes
at the feet of them
who were cast into
the ocean, yet remained

To being pushed
back to the surface
sacrificing my magic pot
just before
taking in a long
first breath of
salt water mist…

To crying out
spreading my arms
letting the waves
carry my new body on beats
from Libya and all the way
to harmonizing
to realizing…

What is the end,
But the beginning?

And what is the beginning
But, what I am?

The sacred power to create.

May the blessings of true intimacy, love, healing, trust and mind blowing sex be upon all who took this journey with me. I love you.

©2012 by InnaRae

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