d – Killing Demons I

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar. ~R. Lindquist


My ancestors have made it clear to stay away from this “sick and twisted feminine spirit”.

Her human story is mine. Yet the condition of our hearts is as distant from each other as the ends of earth. Her skin? Any shade of white rose to black brownie hue.

But that doesn’t matter, since she doesn’t speak the language of Truth and has never been willing to try. So, I will no longer contend with this familiar, centuries-old, sexually repressed demon who rides her back.


It gives off an inconsiderate, self-hating, mean, and miserly – don’t give a damn about any one but “herself” – aroma…and it stinks like hell. By the Goddess who guides my inner workings, this spirit is all wrong for me, and I don’t like it.

In the flesh, she is currently a narcissistic, nasty, invalidating carrier of oppressive thought. Dissatisfaction with the authentic self is programmed into the DNA. In prior generations, she caught the habit of buying contentment from an industry that makes off with her innermost undiscovered treasures. This raping of sorts is normal, though it is sick. But to her, it is safe.

Stick around her long enough and you will witness a madness that grows infected with wearied layers of self –deception. She projects her ugliness onto everyone in her presence.  She can go back and fetch her inner beauty! Oh, but she won’t.

Instead, she plays the pretentious snob; she is spent and unhappy. Her uncontrolled jealousy and covetous ways run deep in the blood. She is troubled that I am not nasty with her…won’t turn caustic with her. She dislikes that I am honest; appreciative of what brings me honor and 100% accepting of what might not. Vexed within, she mocks and creates falsehoods to tear down the character she knows I possess. Secretly, she wishes me ill.

To this sick and twisted angel:

I am through playing the martyr to your pointless egotistical rants, rhyme and reason. Your gossip, criticisms, insults, misunderstandings, front-faced digs, “wanna-be-entitled” persona, and “false- confidence-at-my-expense” ways have no place here.
Be gone.
Stay away.
While I own the empathy and care that attracted you into my world, I have washed away the sticky pain that glued you to the walls of my heart.
Make no mistake, I repect your humanity.
But to that spirit you enjoy living with, I say,

I am a Temple Priestess.

©Copyright 2011 by InnaRae

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