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If the Sankofa Journey to Rena’s Moan enlightens the soul. Then this next journey (album) takes us one step further – to work at reconciling sexuality and spirit. I count every person met (I love you!), lesson learned, tune and poem written on this latest path a gift from Goddess and my ancestors.

With great spiritual support, I tapped into the power within ALL things to integrate the divisions of mind, body, and spirit – as it relates to my femininity. This did not come easy. It took some time, but I had to do away with old, played out, traumatic journeys and lure the fragments of my sensual soul forward into this present time.

I had to remember who I was – before pain, rejection, niggas (um yeah, I said it), sexism, racism, and patriarchy took root in my mind, validated my wounds and hardened my heart. In this context, I had to claw an entire faction of my person away from neglect…from doubts…insecurities and lack – to a place of nurture and love.  I was…and I am…a sexual being.  And it is a matter of fact that I don’t want to create anything without this energy.

I now know that I am naturally deserving of my greatest pleasure.

Likewise, the Spirit of Truth begs you to use this divine era in time to call your whole self into the present world …and to come to know who you are from that angle. Only then can you offer your authenticity to them who need it most. Become clear that you are the only one who holds the key to entering the sacred spaces of your sexual character – as fashioned in your body, your own Temple.

Truth is rarely writ in ink; it lives in nature. ~Martin H. Fischer

Through this blog, I share Gaia. In fun and love, this mythological name was given to me by womb Shaman Diva Mama Tonya, whose interest played a compelling role on my unique path to peace. The female character, Gaia, presents intimate situations (that most women share) in a way that shifts the mind  – from a place of shame, moral indignation, paralysis, and fear – toward a place in Spirit – where we are empowered, where we no longer hate ourselves, judge others or allow ‘good and bad consciousness’ to block the road to sexual sophistication.

I pray that reading each installment will spark thought and discussion…to the end that no matter where you are in your process toward sensual renewal, maturity and evolution – you are reminded that your erotic expression matters…that it is real…that you are okay, that in it you are a wonder to behold and yes, you are worthy.

©Copyright 2011 by InnaRae
Photo taken by Saddi Khali

A Word For The Judging Public…


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"Cast not which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet and turn again and rend you." ~Jesus

I am here
You neither occupy my body, redeem my soul, nor justify my spirituality
Your light is dim
This renders you ill-equipped to aimlessly trek through my dark heart
You cannot unravel the depths of my sensitivities or the like

You know nothing of what it is
To live on my block…comprehend my contract with time
To breathe, eat, survive my portion of pain

Sip from my healing cup, shout gratitude for my joy
Set out on a journey into my blessed waters and
See that I am one with the ocean
Discover Gaia

It is Likely…
That you have no opinion of your own on matters
Of Goddess energy, sparks that flow, pure feminessence,
Of authentic woman, of ‘SHE’ sexuality

Of the ‘I am’ rhythm, winding hips, steaming milk reserves
Pretty outer lips, a flowering and swollen clit-oris,
seeing vaginal spasms to explosion… blissful high pitched wailing

I am what is done in the name of creation
I am my highest due to ALL
I am a Temple Priestess

Is it that…
You are not at home in your body?
You have been stilled from birth
to barren intellectual spaces in mind?
You became what someone told you to be?

I lived there once…
…ignorantly following agendas perpetuated
By controlling interests who sent us all searching for
Or trying desperately to become some one’s ‘Romantic Messiah’

A Jesus of sorts, who enters the void
And delivers you from what light has already cleared
To be worked out with fear and trembling…

What of this ‘Sensual Savior’?
He’s dead because he never lived
She’s false because she was never true
Fairy tales can’t save you from your mission,
your sacramental duty…
that binding charge to agree with your sexual impression

Know that….
You are designed to harmonize sensations from ‘down there’ to ‘up here’
You are ordained to conceive ‘from back when’
in order to push into ‘tomorrow’

You have the power to bring your purpose into existence and build
Mmmm yeah…. ‘right there’ – with me – ‘damn near’ – through me

Turn back to your Self
Love into your Self
Prevail within your Self
Come full circle and see where it takes you

Then return to this blog
And enjoy my sacred pearls
That is my heart’s desire

©Copyright 2011 by InnaRae
Cropped Header Photos Taken by Saddi Khali