v – We Belong to Kemet

ChemistryWe are…
far away from
The false magic of possession’s promises
Knowing nothing of trading heartfelt treasures
For dreams of eternal bondage
Wherein we could never be free…to be…to love

We belong…
to wholeness
To the study and mastery of ourselves
To how we feel in each other’s presence
To the time that slips through our fingers to reunite with eternity
To small spatial specks that could never be divided
But find themselves gliding in and out of multiversal territories

We belong…
to invisible waves
to the beating of our hearts
To exhaled winds of fire
To vocal vibrations and lustfilled songs

We belong…
to thirst and
To quenching drips and
To milk droplets
That call the tongue forward…out to drink
To planted seeds
To growth
To babies who embody our passions and call forth our purpose
To disembodying and satisfying releases from physical form

We belong…
to the mass meeting of
Spirits within our spirits
To celebration
To the casting together of soul
From Kemet
With Kemet
For Kemet

We are…
the illuminated plank nesting
Within the first eye of our inner being
… forever grateful for seeing
A Deep rooted connection to drum and a mystery of rhythms who make us move.

© Copyright 2013 by InnaRae

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