y – Come, With Full Moon

show your sexy self now

come with pleasure tonight
belong to my curves
in every way imagined

be led by your eyes
watch, for I AM illuminated
by my Sun’s


…love tastes best when hot. ~ Ethiopian proverb

i am full
i am rounded
i am lust-filled

i’ve got pull
you? astounded
I’m a ‘must-mill’


crawl out
sense spirit
close in
be radiating vibes

come relish
stay with it
through it all
we alive

let go
worship my-story in me

harden up
cry out 
make new history of ‘SHE’

come strong
come free
come, vulnerability
for once gripped
inside yo’ni
you’ll see

that, but for the nearest star
it’s been dark all along

show your sexy self now

©2014 by InnaRae

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