u – Re-Creation

We met ‘bout 7 feet underground
Close enough to sense the pattering
Of our family’s runaway slaves
Heart to hearts connected
palpitations from hope, almost freedom,
slightly sincere living
conceived in the frontal lobe of our
Great grandfathers’ minds
The center of our great grandmothers’ wombs

We danced in the dirt and
Prayed no one would see the shame
That came with loving
With secrets
With back door healing …a multitude of wounds

We pulled each other’s limbs
Wrapped our arms around
distant memories…
Our tongues kissed, piercing through naysayer’s
Old school paradigms
We wailed, giving new sounds to
what kept our language from making sense
for far too long

We played coy at dawn…just before
We broke soil…just before
We took our Rightful place in time… just before
We lit a fire in each other’s eyes…just before

We came hard, exhaling grief…some sickness
We called out into the omniverse
We freed my great grandmother
We unshackled the Great Teacher of our ancestral tribe
We resuscitated the hearts of their predecessors
We smacked and choked our way into reality


Next time…

We will abandon all regrets
an’ No matter where we are
We will meet on a star
Where combustible worlds
Reflect the crashing of our souls

Next time…

The chemistry will register much too brightly
To hide under a bush
We will see our beauty and be too overwhelmed
by love
to truly give a damn

Next time…

We will let out a gut born smile
To bless and infect
The air around us
We will sing
We will relish
We will live
Out loud

Next time…

© 2012 by InnaRae

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