i – Primal Pleasure III

In deep orgasm, if you are aware, you will know for the first time what ecstasy is.

Like water to dry bones, I need ‘be touched’
Unlike who fears to share this with her world
Please – kiss me, fondle, hug, massage and suck
Remind me, lift me, boost my inner girl

Squeeze me in places I’d rather not go
Mountains of sadness, open fields of grief
Rebuild your wings, soar into divine flow
Manifest Spirit’s plan for who I be

Heat will call forth our souls to put in work
Undeniable draw to alter flesh
Our juices spurting outward to give birth
Our life story evolves as we enmesh

Promise me when we scream from pleasure’s well
You’ll make it a point to ne’er ever tell

©Copyright 2012 by InnaRae

4 thoughts on “i – Primal Pleasure III”

  1. Spiritual.Energy.Xcreation =Sex,the Serpent is the Tree of Good and Evil.

  2. Amal Molefi said:

    This picture seems to represent the story of creation, and the great fall. The picture emerges to correspond to a relationship, between woman and serpent. This was used to portray, what we call, the great sin. Though the so called great sin symbolises the rise in consciousness, some actually believe, it refers to the great orgasm, or, put another way, sex. However, sex is only one aspect of conscious resurrection. The faction that respects the symbolic meaning of such an image, in a more positive light, make it known that lovemaking is beautiful, instead of sin. It is perceived as a creative activity whose ultimate aim is the joining of two individuals both spiritually and physically, for example the birth of love and a child. In the picture, the lower serpent represents the start of our efforts to understand sex, and the higher snake represents the upper knowledge. The lower snake gives the impression that it’s climbing, and the higher snake gives the impression that it’s resting at the height of wisdom. The scriptures make the same statement, but in the old tongue. It says “it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. (Gen 3:15)” This statement also makes reference to the higher and lower levels of consciousness, or understanding. We today call it development from a place where we knew less, to a place where we know more. In the scripture the Head is higher knowledge and heel lower. In another sense, knowledge has risen from the heel, lower, to the head, higher. This art is a developed expression of hieroglyphs. An expression our ancestors lived by. Beautiful!

    • innarae said:

      Great analysis, Amal Molefi! That you took time to comment with such insight means much to me. Thank you.

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