p – Bring Your Sexual Heat with Skill: Honoring Aaliyah

When is the last time you’ve kissed and kissed and kissed some more?

Those of us who were exposed to artist Aaliyah in the 90’s were blessed to watch as a sensual persona developed through her art form. While some argued that her image was the catalyst for ‘too much sexy’…we cannot deny that it was ‘hot’.

Neither can we deny that there is so much merit to taking time with sexual energy as it flows between you and another.  It is only right that you discover what your lover enjoys and hone that skill set to bring him/her a deliberately pleasurable experience.

As you watch the video below…you can’t miss how Aaliyah’s voice and her moves were offered with intent… and a slow (almost mesmerizing) ‘controlled’ skill to give listeners and viewers an experience to enjoy and remember. 

The message can only confirm the small voice inside of your own sexy heart.  Yes…it is telling you that it’s okay to bring the heat.  As long as you take your time and make it right.  Let her inspire you to carry the vibe into your own ‘sexy world’…and give thanks!

Watch and sing “Hot Like Fire” with her.

Hot Like Fire
Hot Like Fire
I’m gonna take you…take you higher
You can’t resist
Kiss, kiss,
And kiss and kiss and kiss

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