t – Nooky Session III: Sex, Worship, and Spirit

Whom do you believe created the feminine form? And why would the Spirit you worship create such a beauty with the ability to reproduce after her own kind? When you see the lips, the breasts, the nipples, the tummy, the vulva (coochie, pussy, snapper –whatever you call it), and the crack of that bubbling booty, what do you feel? I assume it’s a wonderful sensation that needs to be addressed in the moment…just as you do when you are moved to pray.

Stop right there. Don’t move. Don’t give all of your preconceived notions a second thought!

What if we weren’t so busy stifling our sexual nature during worship that we just let it flow as it would? What if there were an expectation that those gifted with physical, sensual and fiery gifts would consciously dance, sing, pray, stand, create before us on a regular basis? What if we weren’t so afraid to lose something or someone that we would take in the sweet savor that God has given sexy men and women? What if we relaxed, let the Spirit rise, release… do what it do? For all of the suppression, I think it would first pour out with a vengeance…but level off just as anything else held back over time. And wouldn’t that be fun? I should say church attendance would be at an all time HIGH!

With all of that good stuff going on inside… something is terribly wrong when the only time sexuality is included in the worship experience is when the righteously indignant make reference to evil, Satan, demonic influence…bash homosexuality, chase away or stigmatize sexually attractive women… tell folks how, when, where, and with whom they should be having sex…imply a complete loss of control for unbridled passion…implicate poison, python snakes or some altered ethereal darkness that must remain untouched for fear of shame and societal reproach.

Like all ‘living’ things, sexual energy is to be esteemed and included in the worship experience.  See the lovely lady in the video above dance while praising sexy goddess Oshun with elegance and style. Allow her to redefine the promise femininity gracefully brings into this world. See that her moves are neither contrived, nor deviant, nor destructive. Her strut is not meant to manipulate, impose or control. It just is. All Spirit, it taps into the heart with peace, joy, love…the ‘big’ things we need to thrive and survive in life. She smiles as she attends to the crowd. Any man would want to taste her juices. Any woman would want to support, accompany, or emulate her style.

When done properly before the beloved community sexual energy gradually erases the rot, sickness and ills associated with acknowledging the need for intimacy and sexual release in the world as we know it. We’d depart from one another open to bonding with friends and family in a state of worship, harmony, respect… and perhaps ready to enjoy some good NOOKIE!

The day will come when spirit-filled communities will accept and embrace sexually arousing expression. Honor the influence of its power through worship. Enjoy the celebration. And simply step away from it refreshed.


3 thoughts on “t – Nooky Session III: Sex, Worship, and Spirit”

  1. Yehuwdah Daniel Yisrael Ben Yahweh Ben Yahweh said:

    I agree you must be free to express the beautiful sexual energy,and not hold it back.The world needs sexual healing right now!

  2. Excellent share my SiStar! You are speaking your heart, your soul, truth. You are speaking love. Your blog is refreshing, inspiring and encouraging. Continue to bless us with your Sexy Spirit Wisdom, you Naked Confident Woman!

  3. Powerfull. Thank you for expressing this.

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