q – You are a Sensual Dancer: Honoring Sonia

When is the last time you got up and danced? When is the last time you let the beat of a drum work it’s way up, down and through your body …into your belly…through that ass…and blessed someone with this vision of your feminine expression?  Well guess what?!?… You have a “sensual dancer” in you!  We all do.

And if your sensuality is in full swing, you can’t help but move to sounds…especially to the beat of a drum.  For pure inspiration, check out belly dancer Sonia as she moves her mid-section to the beautiful beat delivered by drummer Issam Houssam. 

Click the video below and watch this belly dancer and her drum soloist go to work!Celebrate your body!!!  You might want to start moving with her.

1 thought on “q – You are a Sensual Dancer: Honoring Sonia”

  1. Thanks a lot for that blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Many obliged.

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