c – I Need The Priest

I am a Temple Priestess. I need the Priest.

Because sometimes, when my inner world is set ablaze for transformative work, my outer world grows dark. Buzzing bodies lose their depth. Old frameworks lose their meaning. I find myself at peace with God. I find myself creating…preparing to deliver alone in my sacred space. But every so often, the Spirit blesses me with a melanite soul, a journeyman. A Priest…a wayfarer…Him.

Him – who knows from deeper places – and quietly chooses not to paint his thoughts with fancy words. Him – whose actions speak volumes – but can only be heard by those with eyes to see them. He is a tough man and a gentle man…a builder of sorts. Almost instinctively, he frames abstract contexts for nothing more than to show that ‘he has’ and is willing to share. He offers me his eyes, his way of seeing the world. It is precious and unique. He plays the illusion for my healing fantasies. So, I leave each interaction with Him a happy priestess…a satisfied woman.

Every once in a while, when he works to guard his heart, I see it. A need for water to quench a deep thirst that comes from supporting, creating, and warming cold hearts. I watch as he sips from his own sweat and pulls from what love he can find within himself…to use for himself. This is his gift. And it is awe inspiring.

He won’t pry, but when my heart is open, he reminds me that the universe is well equipped to supply my innermost desires. He proves that unless I choose it, my courage can never be hung out to dry. He has no idea what it means to me that, if but for a moment, I could simply take and eat from his provisions. Oh, how thankful I am.

I pray that he is always refreshed by His light and that during times of insecurity and discouragement …small pieces of His divinity, of His self can be found reflecting through the pores of everyone who crosses his path.

I am a Temple Priestess. I need the Priest.

©Copyright 2011 by InnaRae

5 thoughts on “c – I Need The Priest”

  1. Ruben Dixon said:

    Wo! Awesome Queen.

  2. Al baaith al jidah said:

    peace be with you my beautiful sister, I love this writing of yours very much. it comes from a very deep place inside of yourself,a place where there is love and trust…….:)

  3. Beautiful works……Indeed

  4. Kemmy Taylor said:

    Beloved Priestess:

    Glory! I Receive A Promise Forever!

    JOY, HAPPINESS, SERENITY, Royalty, Spiruality and Divinity … My Gifts.

    My essence forever!
    Divinely Yours,

    Kenny T.

  5. wingedbird5 said:

    Simply beautiful and inspirational. I totally feel you on this… “I need the Priest” too!
    Karen (Nebt Ka)

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