a – I AM Gaia

I AM Gaia…
in some places…I am Asase Yaa,
others…Matka Ziemia, Ki, Ida, Zemyna…and many other names
in many other languages
But wherever you find me, you will see that…

I AM beauty, I am pleasure, I am meekness beyond measure
With a smile and a touch of sweetness
I rip away the veil set between man-made religion and Spirit
The Most High God and Goddess erected me to attract, nurture, bless
To liberate, deliver, and absolve

…an Heiress to poetic inspiration
…the possessor of my own house of heaven
…minister of my tasty yoni, of every sensual breath I take
…every bit of what I know, all that I feel
My life, my truth, how I move is real
Vibrating like cicada sound waves through night air

…guided by a higher order from the Heavens
To the inner fires of Earth
…First and last of infinite universe
…matter in motion around me – glow
You really don’t have to know
I do


©Copyright 2011 by InnaRae

1 thought on “a – I AM Gaia”

  1. Got to your site from the Our Afrikan Heritage website. I enjoyed reading this … it was deep … will be looking at more of your work and following you 🙂

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